Tacloban’s Legend

 A long time ago, a young couple named Dang and Mulay lived in the swampy shores of Kabatok, their source of living was catching crabs and shellfish  and creating baskets in where they sell it in a village in Samar.

One cold morning, Dang decided to go for a dive to set some traps in the ocean. When he was nearly finished placing the traps, he saw the ocean floor moved. And to his surprise that it was a gigantic crab.

Dang immediately went to shore still shocked and a little scared of what he saw. He went home as fast as he could to tell his wife about the giant crab. After Dang tol Mulay about the crab, they decided to create a plan on how to capture the crab. Mulay, since she was a good weaver of baskets, started on creating a huge basket in which they can use to trap the giant crab.

One night, they lured the giant crab towards the trap they had set. They captured the huge crab and towed the big basket with all their might. They were so triumphant the they forgot one thing, a cover for the basket. Suddenly, Dang and Mulay  fell to sleep. The giant crab climbed out the basket and went to the defenseless couple.

Dang woke up and saw the crab coming towards them. He tried to kill it with his spear but his spear easily broke because of the hard shell the crab has. The crab pinned the couple and dashed them against the rocks. In her terror, Mulay shout the word:   “TAKLUBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” (which means to cover)

The next day, some local villagers saw the dead bodies of Dang and Mulay. The villagers buried their bodies there. Years passed and the place where the bodies of Dang and Mulay was buried became a mountain which then was called Mount Danglay which means Dang and Mulay.

The place where the couples lived was called “takluban” from the last scream of Mulay which is now called Tacloban.


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